Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to Set an Appointment with a Funder

So, you've done a little research and found a great grant opportunity!  Good for you!  Now, the work begins.  Funders state that they WANT potential grantees to contact them, to let them know what they are doing, and keeping them updated on their project(s). 

I think it's somewhat difficult for fundraisers to really believe that funders WANT to see you...they really do.  How better to get your great story about your very important project?  Before you make the call consider a couple of things:

1.  Check your information and get the most up-to-date contact name and phone number.  As an aside, this is NOT a place to email unless you've been instructed to do so.  An old-fashioned phone call is the ticket here.

2.  Write a script beforehand to be sure you cover all the points you need.  We all get a little nervous and sometimes we're prepared for the voicemail and when a real voice answers, we get a little shook up.

Here is a sample script I've used before:

Hi, this is Lisa Masters with XYZ.  Is Ms. ABC available?  Ms. ABC, I am working on a project for XYZ and I was hoping I could set down with you for 10-15 minutes to get your input on how best to proceed in the grant process. 

You will get an appointment or you will be pointed in the direction of the right person to contact.  Sometimes this is the Executive Director and sometimes it is a Program Director or similar titled person.

In any event, you've made the first, best, and most important step....keep going!

Next time we'll have some tips for getting fully prepared for this all-important meeting! 

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