Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Announcing...a new fundraising blog!

LLM Development Services is proud to announce our new blog!  Great news and a wonderful opportunity to share tools and tips to help you reach your fundraising goals. 

Recently, a client asked us to write their appeal letters to individuals, corporations, and foundations.  The proposal we provided to them included a script for volunteers to use when calling to follow up on the letter as well as a timeline for mailing, follow-up phone call, thank you letter (s), and an additional letter for non-responders. 

Additionally, we wrote a letter for both renewals as well as prospects and included updated giving levels.

Their results were fantastic!  Their goal for individual renewals alone was exceeded by 33%.  That's great to hear.  What was even better was hearing the following:

"We are thrilled!  We will definitely use your [LLM Development Services] services again!"

Woohoo!  This is exciting stuff! 

What is the first thing you can do to improve your fundraising bottom line?  Simply start...start researching, start asking, start evaluating, start, start, start...

The one thing that will hold you back is the fear of starting.  So, don't let one more day go by without doing something, anything, to move your business forward.  Tomorrow or even tonight before you go to bed, send one email, take a look at one website, and say that you did something rather than nothing to take a step in the forward direction!

Happy Fundraising!


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